Things that make you say … oh

Welcome to my world. I have not started this website as a platform to expound my views upon the world, in the hope that they will be taken up dutifully, and followed to the letter by every man woman and child on the planet.

I have no wish to be an autocrat, despot, dictator or worse still a politician. I do however, wish the reader to think about some of the points I bring up on this website with a completely open mind.

As we all know that is a very hard thing to do, but I do urge you to try, as this will lead to the possibility that we can all get on together; love and care for each other; and in time form a truly civilised society that comprises the world as a whole.

Phew, if you got through that one ok, read on!

The glorious twelfth (12/09/2015)

Thank god. There is some hope for this country! Jeremy Corbyn elected leader of the Labour Party At last someone to stand up for us against the tyranny of the Tories and their masters.

Found a great new website for when you want to find a present for friend or loved one that is different and classy

Take a look this site is going to be big!

Here is another for those odd jobs you want doing in Edinburgh

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