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Instructions for the Edification of Moderates

The Creation of the Labour Party The Labour Party’s origins lie in the late 19th century, arising from members of the trade unions, socialist groups, and ordinary working people looking for representation against the tyranny of capitalism. The Labour Party was created in 1900 a new party for a new century. Its formation was the […]

The death of the BBC

It is with great sadness that I have to announce the death of the BBC as a credible independent broadcaster. It has been in terminal decline for many years (actually decades) now; and has at last dispensed with any pretence at being a respected forum for factual reporting of news. So the British Broadcasting Corporation […]

Contact your MP now to vote against UK bombing Syria

I urge you to contact your MP to tell them not to vote with the Tories to bomb Syria. The following link will take you to the stop the war coalition website, where you can find out who your MP is (and their email address) by entering your postcode.   This is my email, to my MP […]

Suggestion of a question for PMQs

I have just received an email from Jeremy Corbyn (along with several thousand other Labour Party members you understand). You can send him one too at the following link: Here is the question I sent. In light of the fact that the Prime Minister refuses to answer any of the questions put to him […]