Contact your MP now to vote against UK bombing Syria

I urge you to contact your MP to tell them not to vote with the Tories to bomb Syria. The following link will take you to the stop the war coalition website, where you can find out who your MP is (and their email address) by entering your postcode.


This is my email, to my MP Joanna Cherry:

“I am a constituent, and I want you to vote against the bombing of Syria. It will achieve nothing positive. It is nothing other than the Government posturing to try and make itself look good,and make us forget what a mess it is making of the economy and how it is abusing our own citizens. It will also give IS even more of an excuse to attack the UK (as if one were needed) a la Paris. But more importantly it will kill hundreds and thousands of extra innocent Syrian civilians, as you must surely know by now, these bombing raids are completely non-discriminating, in fact the vast majority of casualties are innocent men, women and children.”