Dare devil rides to Jarama

I am very proud to have contributed to the crowd funding of this incredible production. I saw it on Wednesday 3rd October in Edinburgh and what a phenomenal experience it was. I am not a theatre person, but I can’t recommend this play highly enough. Just the two Actor/Musicians in it, but by golly did they do it justice.

The two actors are Neil Gore (who also wrote the play) and David Heywood. Both are terrific actors/singers/musician and the chemistry they had was wonderful. The story is about Clem Beckett (played by David Heywood) who was a champion speedway rider/wall of death rider and Trade unionist and member of the Communist party. He also volunteered to join the International Brigade to fight fascism in the Spanish civil war. Follow this link http://www.townsendproductions.org.uk/tour-dates for a list of tour dates. Go and see them if you can – you won’t regret it.

Dare devil 1

David Heywood on the left, Neil Gore in the middle, and I’m the dopey sod on the right trying to take a selfie.