Instructions for the Edification of Moderates

The Creation of the Labour Party

The Labour Party’s origins lie in the late 19th century, arising from members of the trade unions, socialist groups, and ordinary working people looking for representation against the tyranny of capitalism.

The Labour Party was created in 1900 a new party for a new century. Its formation was the result of many years of hard effort by working people, trade unionists and socialists, united by the goal of changing the British Parliament to represent the interests of everybody.

The Labour party had many ups and downs over the next twenty to thirty years, but one thing never changed, it was a socialist party, and as such represented the interests of everybody not just the rich.

With the minor triumphs of the first Ramsay MacDonald Labour government of 1924, and then 1929, unable to achieve great success due to the world economic crises of the late ‘20s and early ‘30s, Labour’s great work could not begin in earnest.

It was not until the landslide Labour victory of 1945 that Labour’s first majority government could begin to undertake the work of the socialist Labour party. And what a start it was, clearance of slums, a massive social house building project, full employment and the formation of the NHS on 5th July 1948; the jewel in the crown of socialism.

Those halcyon days of the ‘60s when the Labour party was at its strongest, and the socialist utopia was set to become a reality, could not be in more stark contrast to what is happening to our once great country today under these despicable and reprehensible Tories. They have taken us back to Edwardian times, and won’t be happy until they have returned us to early Victorian levels of poverty and social care.

But it is not the Tories who are to blame for what is going on now in this country. The Tories are doing what they always have, and always will do; namely exploiting the masses for their own sordid and morally corrupt ends.

Destruction of the socialist labour party

The real enemy of the people in this country are those that have contrived to wrestle away from Labour, the socialist ideals and morals that made Labour great. Socialist Labour, the party of the people, for the people.

The slow eradication of Labour’s principles, started by Neil Kinnock and co in the ‘80s and ‘90s, was brought to a crushing catastrophic nadir, by that obscene war criminal, Tony Blair.

The British working class was deceived by Blair into thinking that “New Labour” was the way forward. We don’t need socialism; the free market and a ‘caring’ approach to right wing economics will mean that everything will be ok.

Well everything is not ok. If there is anybody left in this country (excluding those that have had a lobotomy) who is in any doubt as to the devastating effects unbridled capitalism has had on the Welfare state, levels of poverty, injustice, education and the privatisation of the NHS; they will be very lonely.

We have got to where we are today through the auspices of New Labour. Genuine ‘Real Labour’ supporters left in their droves as it gradually became clear that New Labour was sounding the death knell for the Labour party. Say what you like about Margaret Thatcher, and I quite often do, but she was no fool. She was at her most prescient when she announced her greatest achievement was New Labour. She knew it was to lay the groundwork for unrestrained capitalism.

Reclamation of socialist labour party

And so from the depths of despair, a phoenix is rising from the ashes. The 12th September 2015, saw the rebirth of Real Labour. The election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader has brought hope expectation and euphoria for all true Labour supporters.

The huge increase in the number of people that have joined Labour since Jeremy’s election is testament to the desire of ordinary people to stand wholeheartedly behind a leader who has the guts, vision, and humanity to tackle the obscenity of this Tory government.

People that thought the Labour party had long since died a death, hijacked by the ‘moderate’ Blairites, saw that it was now coming home to its lifeblood; ordinary working class people.

Future for moderates

So now that we have reclaimed our party, the real fight starts to keep it. These so called ‘moderates’ have been hell bent on removing Jeremy Corbyn and crushing Real Labour’s renaissance. The vast majority of these ‘Blairites’ are from well to do middle class backgrounds, and are about as abstracted from the real lives of ordinary people, in their Westminster bubble, as it is possible to be. Hence their inability to grasp the fact that there is sea change of political feeling running the length and breadth of the country.

Even the Tories are aware of this that is why they are using the full force of the main stream media to desperately try and discredit Corbyn.

So the time has now come for the Blairites to stand up and be counted. The time for sniping and back-stabbing has to now come to an end. They must now accept that the Labour party is once again a socialist party, with a socialist mandate, from an overwhelming majority of Labour party members, and supporters nationwide.

They must now make the choice, if they have the courage to do so, as to whether they stay within the Labour party and accept Labours socialist policies and back our leader to the hilt. Or, if they feel they are unable to do that they must do the honourable thing and resign as Labour MPs.

This would give them the opportunity to either join a party that fits their political views more closely e.g. the Tory party. Or perhaps they could start a new party such as ‘the not quite as nasty as the Tories party’ which would still give them the opportunity to be hand wringing apologists for capitalism.

If they genuinely believe the electorate of Britain don’t want Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party, they could field their own candidates against Real Labour candidates and get demolished and lose their deposits. Of course this is not going to happen. Even if they believed their policies were what the British people really wanted, they would never have the courage of their convictions.

People like Benn, Watson and Eagle rarely do. They would rather stay on the gravy train, sniping from the sidelines, making sure their pension was protected.

Well Labour ‘moderates’ the British people have message for you – prepare to be moderated.