Is Vodafone the world’s worst big business corporation?

If you are thinking about changing your mobile service provider, please think very carefully before moving to Vodafone. I have been with them for about fifteen years, but I will be moving my four mobile phone contracts asap.

I noticed the deterioration in the service they provide (both network, but more particularly their customer service) over the last two or three years; but the standard over the last year has been abysmal. I just want to highlight one example of the standard of service they think their customers should have to put up with.

On the 09/06/2015, I did an early upgrade to my contract for a new SONY XPERIA Z3 mobile phone. I was charged a one off payment (equipment charge) of £53.94 over the phone which I paid by debit card on the day I ordered it. However, I was charged the same fee again on that month’s bill.

The hassle, stress and wasted time I have had to go through you would not believe – so I have decided to post all the records that I have managed to acquire of my own volition. I did request, on numerous occasions, copies of transcripts and records of calls on their system, but none were forthcoming.

We are now at the 16/12/15, and I have still not been refunded the money owed to me. I know it is not a huge sum of money, (although I am sure £54 is a lot of money to some people) but that is not the point. The point is that Vodafone think that if they make things hard enough for you, and mess you around long enough you will go away. The main lesson I have learned, in my dealings with them is record all your calls, and cut and paste any live chats.

I wish I had recorded all the dozens of calls I made to Vodafone over the last six months, but luckily I managed to record the last three that I made to them. I completely understand if you can’t be bothered listening to them, but I’ll put them here for those brave souls who want to find out the chaos and misdirection that Vodafone staff inflict upon their customers.


The following phone call has part of another complaint at the start, but I have included it because of the Vodafone employee’s shitty attitude. She thought it was more important to take the piss, than to do her job. I suppose if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

Phone call Vodafone 14/10/15:


Phone call Vodafone 30/10/15:


Phone call Vodafone 11/12/15 (abridged). After clearing the switchboard, waited five minutes to speak to a human. This call followed:



Live Chat with Vodafone 15/12/15:

Vodafone Live Chat annotated