Steven Hemmings

Hello, my name is Steve Hemmings. I enjoy listening to and playing music (guitar and bass), and have a stab at composing from time to time. I love cricket and IT. Yes I know, I sound like a right barrel of laughs.

I have been living in Edinburgh for the last 22 years, but hail originally from the south of England (Farnham in Surrey). I discovered that I couldn’t hail loud enough to be heard in Edinburgh, so I decided to move.

I have a degree in computer science, and was a software engineer for five and a half years. I am also a qualified carpenter and joiner, and ran my own business, for several years, called What Was The Problem? Ltd; which dealt in Technology, IT, Building and general problem solving, I am currently a bus driver for Lothian buses.

I am married to Gillian and have two sons, Mark and Ross.


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