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Dare devil rides to Jarama

I am very proud to have contributed to the crowd funding of this incredible production. I saw it on Wednesday 3rd October in Edinburgh and what a phenomenal experience it was. I am not a theatre person, but I can’t recommend this play highly enough. Just the two Actor/Musicians in it, but by golly did […]

Instructions for the Edification of Moderates

The Creation of the Labour Party The Labour Party’s origins lie in the late 19th century, arising from members of the trade unions, socialist groups, and ordinary working people looking for representation against the tyranny of capitalism. The Labour Party was created in 1900 a new party for a new century. Its formation was the […]

Why Britain is now a laughing stock

When David Cameron goes on his mission impossible to Europe, all the other EU ministers must be laughing behind their hands. Not just at the fact that he has got no chance of getting anything meaningful to offer his Eurosceptic chums; but also that by now it has become obvious to all and sundry that […]

BBC complaints procedure

I have been in contact with the BBC trust as I was not getting far with complaining to the BBC directly about political bias. They sent me a letter back that has some useful links, and addresses, regarding guidelines and complaints procedures. These may be of use if you are thinking of complaining to the BBC. […]

Is Vodafone the world’s worst big business corporation?

If you are thinking about changing your mobile service provider, please think very carefully before moving to Vodafone. I have been with them for about fifteen years, but I will be moving my four mobile phone contracts asap. I noticed the deterioration in the service they provide (both network, but more particularly their customer service) […]

Tell Labour MPs – Please don’t bomb Syria in my name

The Labour party are canvassing your opinions on Syria. Please give yours here For what it’s worth here’s my response: Isn’t it sad that we are even having to discuss this? Are Labour MPs really admitting they don’t have the intelligence to see the complete folly of Britain adding to the already massive bombing of […]