The death of the BBC

It is with great sadness that I have to announce the death of the BBC as a credible independent broadcaster. It has been in terminal decline for many years (actually decades) now; and has at last dispensed with any pretence at being a respected forum for factual reporting of news. So the British Broadcasting Corporation […]

Gideon’s autumn statement gag page

George Osbourne did so many U-turns he made himself sick. That’s a great change from making everybody else sick. Keep up the good work Gideon.   Q. Why has Gideon backtracked on police cuts as well as tax credits? A. Because one good U-turn deserves another.   Q. What will Gideon be eating for Christmas […]

Contact your MP now to vote against UK bombing Syria

I urge you to contact your MP to tell them not to vote with the Tories to bomb Syria. The following link will take you to the stop the war coalition website, where you can find out who your MP is (and their email address) by entering your postcode.   This is my email, to my MP […]

Suggestion of a question for PMQs

I have just received an email from Jeremy Corbyn (along with several thousand other Labour Party members you understand). You can send him one too at the following link: Here is the question I sent. In light of the fact that the Prime Minister refuses to answer any of the questions put to him […]

The Great Money Trick

Or how Capitalism works, as explained by Robert Tressel. The Great Money Trick (From Robert Tressel’s The Ragged-Trousered Philanthropists) “Money is the real cause of poverty,” said Owen. “Prove it,” repeated Philpot. “Money is the cause of poverty because it is the device by which those who are too lazy to work are enabled to […]

Exporting weapons should be illegal

All countries should be allowed to manufacture weapons to supply their own army, but no country should be allowed to sell weapons to anybody else. The arms industry is one of the most profitable industries in the world. This disgusting trade should be made illegal. The skills and technology used in weapons manufacture, should be […]

People are dying everywhere

Such a sad day for France, but in the Middle East this is happening every day. Can we please stop war? I know it makes a lot of money for certain people, but it destroys a lot of lives. What is more important life or money? PS that is a rhetorical question.

Song to the men of England

Men of England, wherefore plough For the lords who lay ye low? Wherefore weave with toil and care The rich robes your tyrants wear? Wherefore feed and clothe and save, From the cradle to the grave, Those ungrateful drones who would Drain your sweat — nay, drink your blood? Wherefore, Bees of England, forge Many […]

Wasted talent

It occurred to me, whilst looking at an online article about economics, that another major benefit from the abolishment of capitalism; hence the abolishment of money, Is that an entire sector of people (economists) would be freed up to do some useful work. A large proportion of these workers are very clever people. Wouldn’t it […]