Why Britain is now a laughing stock

When David Cameron goes on his mission impossible to Europe, all the other EU ministers must be laughing behind their hands. Not just at the fact that he has got no chance of getting anything meaningful to offer his Eurosceptic chums; but also that by now it has become obvious to all and sundry that Britain is being run by the biggest pair of dimwits ever to enter politics.

To see David Cameron’s backbench pals squirming with ever greater embarrassment each week at PMQs, almost makes you feel sorry for the Tories. As for Osborne sitting there, complete with the facial expressions of a caveman transported through time, to the Large Hadron Collider at CERN – completely bewildered.

The Tory dream team have now been recognised for what they are the Tory nightmare.

Camoron and Gidiot, they sound like a bankrupt firm of high end estate Agents, would you buy a used stately home from these two imbeciles?

Apparently, it’s a well guarded Tory secret that both have recently undergone brain enhancement surgery. They both had one donor brain cell inserted into their craniums. It wasn’t quite the success the Harley street surgeons were hoping for. Camoron’s brain cell rejected him and Gidiot’s died of loneliness.